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Eating on the run – Pre Run Breakfast Smoothie

(This is mainhantamcook a.k.a. Cris’ first guest post on LOTR!)

I usually run in the early morning. It’s cool, the air is fresh and there are relatively fewer cars to run you over. I love the feeling of accomplishment when I finish a 5K run, and it isn’t even 8 am yet! The only downside about dragging yourself out of bed at dawn so you can meet friends and start a run – I need some kind of pre-breakfast to fuel the body so that it runs (pun intended :P)

So – here is my Pre-Run breakfast smoothie. I usually make one mugful, glug it down before the run, breakfast done in 30 seconds.

smoothie 2


Prepare the night before: Put into the blender cup (or any other cup if using normal blender)

3 tablespoonfuls Rolled oats
1 tablespoonful Raisins or Cranberries (more if you like it sweeter)
1 teaspoon Flax Seeds
1/2 glass water

Next morning:

Add 1 banana. You can freeze the banana, cut in chunks (like in the picture) – to get a COLD smoothie)
Top up with milk (not too full)
Add 1 tsp chia seeds if you like.

BLITZ till smooth:

smoothie 1

Chug-a-lug.. Breakfast done in 30 seconds 🙂

This keeps me fueled up for a 5 KM run, then an hour of Pilates.. before I get the REAL breakfast (upcoming post.. what I eat AFTER the run :P)

Stay tuned. 😀

/Main Hantam Cook

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Able to whip up delicious meals at a moment's notice.. if you don't notice the lack of presentation that is :). I cook to feed one (myself) or a hungry horde (I love parties). Here's to healthy delicious food that doesn't take hours of slaving over the stove, a ton of exotic ingredients and recipes that are longer than 1 page.

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