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10 signs you’ve been doing too much Pilates..

Here are 10 signs that you may have been doing too much (or at least thinking too much about) Pilates lately.

  1. You make a cup of coffee, and all of a sudden you imagine it sitting precariously on your lower back while you’re on all fours.
  2. Your bolster starts to look like a foam roller. (Normal people have it the other way round.)
  3. You start to bore your non-pilates-going friends with trivia like “You know, the Cadillac isn’t always a car…”
  4. The person with the camera says “1.. 2..” and then you think “Imprint!”
  5. You think of a dozen parody titles to “Pirates of the Carribean”.
  6. Tabletop” always means something else to you.
  7. A particular four-letter word strikes terror in your heart – BOSU.
  8. You say “squeeze those balls” with a straight face.
  9. You know the scientific name for your abs.
  10. In the face of life’s troubles, you shell stretch.
I always knew there was a relation between coffee-drinking and Pilates!

I always knew there was a relation between coffee-drinking and Pilates!


Is there a cure for this condition? Yes – go grab a mat now or go to your studio and work it out!


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Wen Li is a runner, blogger, mother, educator and artist. She is the Co-Founder and Cartoonist of Malaysia's first comic strip on running, Running Toons ( and is a Compressport Ambassador. Her running story was featured in Marie Claire Malaysia's April 2016 issue alongside several other notable women running bloggers. She runs wherever the road takes her, come scorching sunshine, stifling humidity or relentless rain (and preferably to a Nasi Lemak breakfast!). Apart from pounding the asphalt, she also enjoys hiking and pilates, and is now attempting CrossFit!

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