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SCKLM Now Back on October 4th

Its back on October 4th.

It’s back on October 4th. Click for larger image.

After three agonizing days where a press conference was held, countless efforts were made by Facebook and Twitter commenters at attempting to get the Ministry to see reason, and where the SCKLM fiasco even got to the attention of the Partnerunning show online radio. There was a glimmer of hope when the Minister tweeted that he was “looking into the matter with the organisers”, followed by hopes dashed when the Minister then stated, to everyone’s puzzlement, that “the change of date has not affected participation”.

My drawing, on the back cover of the Malay Mail.

My drawing, on the back cover of the Malay Mail. Click for larger image.

Hopes were further dashed this morning when the Minister made even more puzzling statements and comments that conflicted with the position that the organizers took on the change of date (were the organisers complying with a request or was it a joint decision?)

I must say it was a little unexpected that the Minister announced this evening that, finally, the date for SCKLM 2015 will revert to the original date of Sunday 4 October 2015. (Some say that it was probably the first time that a Malaysian Minister has apologised for anything.. but that’s a discussion for some other time!)

We got onto WordPress' 'Blog of the Day' list!

We got onto WordPress’ ‘Blog of the Day’ list!

Thank goodness some common sense has prevailed! But what an unnecessary ruckus all this was! And now SCKLM has to put procedures in place to deal with participants who have cancelled and asked for refunds during the last three days. My thoughts go out to all the people having to handle the aftermath of what appear to have been hastily-made and ill-thought-out decisions.

In the meantime, the drawing I made in the ‘SCKLM’s Black Monday’ post, and the post itself, went viral over the last two days, with the blog stats hitting the roof and the blog appearing on WordPress’ [Top 100] ‘Blogs of the Day‘ on Wednesday July 15!

My said drawing was also picked up by the print edition of the The Malay Mail and used as the cover of the Sports section on Thursday July 16th.

In honour of the date reinstatement, and all the lessons we should learn from this incident, I have come up with a reprise of the picture I drew on Monday. Here it is. The same people in the previous picture, with different reactions to the news. 🙂

In the meantime, have a great Raya holiday and safe travels, everyone!

The Reprise! Drawing by me.

The Reprise! Drawing by me.

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