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Running Toons – By runners, for runners!

Running Toons (RT) is the brainchild of fitness coach/sports writer Gus Ghani (a.k.a. Happy Runner) and runner/artist Wen Li (a.k.a. LOTR: Living on the Run). It’s Malaysia’s first comic strip on running, by runners, for runners!

Admit it, you've done it too!

Admit it, you’ve done it too!

What is RT?

Aimed at providing a space for runners to have a good laugh at themselves (after a long day’s run), Gus’ keen observations and Wen Li’s talented strokes of the pen combine to create a spot-on, light-hearted take on things that runners do.

How did RT come about?

Gus explains, ““Runners are fanatical about running, and sometimes, runners’ obsessions can be so extreme and weird that they become hilarious. We’re obsessed about our timing, our training, our running shoes, our medals.. surely it can’t be healthy to be obsessed with something so much that one becomes out-of-touch with reality altogether! Thus, I created Running Toons to encourage runners to NOT take life and running too seriously, by sharing with them funny running jokes and stories.”

Gus adds, “I am fortunate that my RT co-founder & artist Wen Li is also a runner who understands the Runner’s Mind well. Together, we hope to entertain runners with unique illustrations of our special brand of running humour.”

Our first posting. Do Like Running Toons for more :-)

Our first posting. Do Like Running Toons for more 🙂

Wen Li blogs as LOTR: Living On the Run, on running in Malaysia and running as a mom with a toddler. Her blogposts often include accompanying original drawings peppered with her signature style – a penchant for detail and an offbeat sense of humour. Her comic drawings recently garnered attention when a comic on the 2015 KL Marathon’s controversial date change went viral, and appeared on the sports cover page of a national newspaper. For Wen Li, teaming up with Gus to launch Running Toons has been the culmination of a long-time dream to publish a comic strip.

“Running Toons brings together two passions – running and drawing,” Wen Li says. “It is my hope that RT will also inspire more people to take up running as a leisure activity to promote health as well as quality of life.”

Come share in the laughter!

We invite you to be part of Running Toon’s extended family, and to share your opinions and comments. Hopefully, one day, with your support, we can be a running comic of which all Malaysians can be proud!

For the latest comics, Like Running Toons.

About speedshuffle (75 Articles)
Wen Li is a runner, blogger, mother, educator and artist. She is the Co-Founder and Cartoonist of Malaysia's first comic strip on running, Running Toons ( and is a Compressport Ambassador. Her running story was featured in Marie Claire Malaysia's April 2016 issue alongside several other notable women running bloggers. She runs wherever the road takes her, come scorching sunshine, stifling humidity or relentless rain (and preferably to a Nasi Lemak breakfast!). Apart from pounding the asphalt, she also enjoys hiking and pilates, and is now attempting CrossFit!

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