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SCKLM 2015 – All Hazed Out!

After a week of hazy weather and much trepidation, the organisers of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon (SCKLM) decided on Friday that the SCKLM would proceed, given the haze conditions and circumstances at the time. It would not have been an easy decision to make and no decision either way would have been a ‘popular’ one. It would have been up to runners to assess the situation nearer Sunday morning, to see if they should run (perhaps with change in case they needed a taxi to get back if the haze got worse?) or to sleep in. However, by late afternoon it was clear that the haze was not about to improve – it was in fact getting worse – and by 5PM the inevitable was announced  – that the SCKLM 2015 would be cancelled.

The announcement on the cancellation (Screen capture from the SCKLM website,  Click for larger image.

The announcement on the cancellation (Screen capture from the SCKLM website, Click for larger image.

On what would have been raceday morning, Dataran Merdeka became a venue for participants to collect their finisher entitlements in view of the cancellation of the event. (Participants may request for their finisher entitlements to be posted to them – the organisers will update this on their website and Facebook page later on.)

At the 'finish line'

At the ‘finish line’

Despite the dull grey skies, the scene at Dataran was almost carnival-like, as if the run had just finished. Runners were out in their full gear, some with bibs pinned on, in support of the event (and perhaps also to simulate running through the ‘Finish’ before collecting their bottled water and bananas thereafter!).

Thanks, volunteers!

Thanks, volunteers!

The volunteers distributing race entitlements – bags of sponsors’ items, bananas and other fruit, isotonic drinks, finisher medals, Full Marathon finisher tshirts – were out in full force and the collection went on efficiently.

I’ll have to admit there was a hint of sadness in the air – and that isn’t a surprise, given the effort that has gone in to organising a major event, the uncertainties posed by the unpredictable haze, and all the anticipation built up to what is the highlight of the Malaysian running calendar. This is not the first time SCKLM has been affected by the haze – it was postponed from June to September in 2013 due to the haze. Since then, it has been scheduled in October. It would be interesting to see when SCKLM 2016 will be held!

We'll live to run another day!

We’ll live to run another day!

Well, SCKLM 2015 would have been my second full marathon. However, we live to run another day! 😉

Thanks for everything, SCKLM. I’ll definitely see you guys next year.

I’ll end with the last of what turned out to be a ‘series’ of comics featuring characters who registered for SCKLM. It has been a year of drama – see previous comics in the ‘series’ here and here on the  postponement fiasco a few months back related to National Sports Day (incidentally, that’s going to be next week..) – this comic by yours truly:

This is for you, #SCKLM!

This is for you, #SCKLM!

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